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cœur de Pamela :)


distance absolutely sucks because no matter how late you stay up talking to them or how long you skype them for it’s not the same as holding them in your arms and telling you how much you love them in their ear and not some microphone and you’re forever just wanting to be with them even if you’re doing absolutely nothing you just want to be there with them and it sucks so bad that you can’t


Spending the night with someone you love and then having to go back home is the absolute worst. Like man I just want to wake up and make a lil moaning stretching sound and know you’ll be there to pull me in and snuggle me.

" I start every morning with you in my heart and I come home to you every night. With alcohol stained lips your name is the only one that I slur out into the darkness. No amount of miles could ever keep me away from you. I may not be there every step you take and I may not be able to hold you as you try to sleep, but I am with you baby; I am always with you, wherever you go. We will make this work, with feelings like these we can’t afford to lose each other, there’s too much to be lost. It will be difficult and we will be tested but it’s all worth it for what we have. You are incredible and you will never see a day where I don’t remind you of that fact. Take a deep breath baby, we will make this work. We have to. "

- I have found you, my love. (1:21 am)

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